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Special texts for you

Does your child need a learning text to a certain reading level and does it need to be anchored to the current events in her life?

Please contact us for a customized text. For example we can create a text to learn certain skills like cleaning up or packing your own bag before an event. Or to learn about dealing with certain emotions, maybe fears. It is also possible to prepare your child for upcomimg events. A happy event or a sad event. You can contact us, explain the situation, provide some keywords and we will write the text for you.

Animations with the MouthCircus

We have created 3 new animation for the MouthCircus. These animations are used to attract and focus the attention of the child in other to learn certain target behaviour by using the MothCircus method. We have a workshop about using the MouthCircus. After the workshop you will go home with 1001 ideas.

The MouthCircus can be ordered from www.mondcircus.nl

Win a free wooden MouthCircus tent

Do you work with children on the subject of better eating and communicating? If you by a MouthCircus method before January 1 2018 you have a chance of winning a free wooden MouthCircus tent. The tent can be folded flat and is the color is white. The tent can be painted by the team to personalize it and become the team tent. The MouthCircus method contains a cut out construction drawing of a cardboard circus tent, allowing the children to create their own circus tent.

Using the circus tent and a lot of work forms the child can practice skills in small steps. By practicing like a circus artist the child learns skills for better eating, drinking and communicating. You can learn how to stmulate the skills outside the clinical setting and use all the materials and work forms in the workshop asscociated with the MouthCircus.

Workshop for everyone who want to introduce young children to Yoga

Yoga can improve the firtness, breath control and concentration. This makes you feel better about yourself and stimulates better results during speech therapy and other forms of skill improvement. Yoga is also a way to stimulate active movement and relaxation, instead of long term sitting down.

You can take this course to learn how to introduce yoga to chikdren. Everyone who works with kids can follow the course: "Kids stimuleren met Yoga". You do not need to be capable of doing all the exercises yourself. The puppet bird YogaKey will show everone what to do.After finishing the workshop you will be able to introduce kids to yoga in a fun and responsible manner.

Organize a team day or a workshop

This can be done at our practice in the beautifull old toen of Delft or at your location. You can compose an inspiring team day from a diverse set of possibilities. For example:

Of course you can incorporate your own ideas for the workshop or teambuilding. We will discuss together how to make your event a big succes.


Complaints are important. Please let me know if anything can be improved. We will try to resolve your issue. If this is not done to your satisfaction you can contact the independent NVLF (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Logopedisten).