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Julianalaan 54, Delft


Logopedie Sterk in Delft is specialized in:

Stimulating mouth functions and communication in children

This is about mouth functions such as chewing and swallowing, tasting, lip closing and breathing through the nose instead of through the mouth. It is often necessary to stimulate communication. Instead of screaming or crying we stimulate "asking for something" of "say something".

The child friendly program "The MouthCircus" is suitable for children with a development age between 2.5 to 8 years and stimulates mouthfunctions and communication is a playful but purposeful way. Parents and other care givers at the school can participate in the MouthCircus. You can read more about it on the website: www.mondcircus.nl

Guidance for better reading comprehension

Understanding what you read is important for all school subjects but also in in daily life and in the workplace. A lot of information is communicated in writing, therefore better reading comprehension makes a big difference in being able to participate in the community and a succesful start in life.

We can provide you with custom made educational texts which match the current reading level and personal interests at this point in time.

Picture talk books

Picture talk books are personalized texts which are used by children or adults who cannot make themselves understandable at the moment, or will not be able to do so at some point in the future. To stimulate all the language skills the right choice of images and texts is important. You can create picture talk books on paper or digitally to be used on tablets of mobile phones. It is advisable to start early with creating the books in order to prevent and minimise communication problems, frustrations and behaviour problems.